The researchers of RobustNature in potrait

In a series of short portrait videos, the members of the consortium talk about how their research contributes to RobustNature and the profile area "Sustainability & Biodiversity" and which added value they can derive from interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approach of RobustNature for themselves and their scientific work.

Maik Böhmer | Werner Brack | Joachim Curtius | Petra Döll | Ingo Ebersberger | Sebastian Eilebrecht | Peter Fantke | Sotirios Fragkostefanakis | Bernd Grünewald | Thomas Hickler | Henner Hollert | Sarah Johann | Jonas Jourdan | Helge Kminek | Franziska Matthäus | Darrel Moellendorf | Oksana Netschitalio | Jörg Oehlmann | Meike Piepenbring | Niek Scheepens | Sabrina Schiwy | Antje Schlottmann | Flurina Schneider | Lisa Schulte | Paul Siefert | Ernst Stelzer | Frederic Strobl | Andrea Sundermann | Francisco Sylvester | Klement Tockner | Alexander Vogel | Carolin Völker | Fabian Weichert | Marc Wollenweber

RobustNature introduces itself in a short video

In this short documentary video the goals, the research question, the team and some selected aspects of the Cluster of Excellence RobustNature are presented in about 20 min. The short video does not claim to present RobustNature in its full complexity, but would rather like to introduce the network in a highlight-like way.

RobustNature Exzellenzinitiative Frankfurt